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Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices

Title Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices
Authors Earle Castledine, Myles Eftos, Max Wheeler
Publisher SitePoint
Date 2011-06-29
Pages 300
ISBN 0987090844

The book covers all major mobile platforms - Android, iOS, Blackberry.It describes development tools that are necessary for each platform. The book iilustrates mobile development by developing a web application called “Celebrity spotting”. To be able to deploy the app on many platform the authors propose web browser as the run-time environment. However, the authors fail to mention any mobile development libraries such as jQuery mobile and instead develop the web stie by hands. This is very tedious and, most importantly - usless process because people do not do this nowadays.

So, the book can be used to graps the main idea - that one needs to develop portable apps running inside device’s browser, but tof ind out HOW to do this one needs to buy another book.