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Jump Start Node.js

Title Jump Start Node.js
Authors Don Nguyen
Publisher SitePoint
Date 2012-11-29
Pages 150
ISBN 0987332104

I am really glad that this book has been written, because of the following.

Many modern technology books are either too long or too unspecific. A book of 1st kind typically spends dozens of pages explaining, for example, how to install software - the kind of things people can learn from Internet. The book of 2nd kind only provides “theory” without discussing practical issues. But without a real-world example it might be difficult to figure out what kind of “nails” this “hammer” is for….

Thus, there is a strong need to write books that can be read within few days not weeks (i.e.length < 200 pages), and at the same time are as close to real-world scenarios as possible. This book (and Jump Start series in general) satisfies both conditions. According to my experience, it can be read in a few days (maybe slightly longer than weekend ;-). Each chapter touches on an important technology, such as MongoDB, Backbone, Bootstrap, etc. and makes it very clear WHY this technology was created, WHAT kind of problems it intends to solve, and HOW to write code. Therefore, the book nicely combines theory with practice - a rare combination nowadays!

Finally, for the curious folks the book provides links to in-depth discussions, further developments of a technology, etc. That is, the book is doing a really good job on hiding the complexity of the technology, which indeed might be too difficult to grasp for the beginner.

I am looking forward to reading more books in the Jump Start series.