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jQuery UI

Title jQuery UI
Authors Eric Sarrion
Publisher O'Reilly Media
Date 2012-03-24
Pages 244
ISBN 1449316999

This book describes jQuery UI library. Since I was not familiar with this libarary before reading this book I would like to say a few words about the library itself, before talking about the book.

When I first opened this book I was surprised that the book was so small. It turns out that jQuery UI includes only few very basic widgets - less than a dozen. Compare this with another UI framework - QT library which has hundreds of classes (widgets, layouts, themes). All fo this are necessary components of a UI framework. Still, jQuery UI is one of the most popular UI libraries on the Web. This only indicates that UI interfaces on the web are not as sophisticated as on the desktop. I wonder how can people still build web applications by using this library. Apparently, they are using something in addition to jQuery UI. For example, there is a much nicer library called jQWidgets built on top of jQuery UI.

The book is well structured and resembles more technical documentation rather than traditional book. Each chapter is dedicated to a particular widget: button, progress bar, slider, etc. The structure of the content inside each chapter is nearly the same: it starts with definition of the widget, then describes its components by using HTML, then the consurctor method, the bind() method, and finally some more comprehensive examples of how to use the widgets.

To me it looks like normal technical documentation that should accompany any product-grade project, which jQuery UI claims to be. However, if you visit project’s web page you won’t find such documentation. There is only API reference, which is more appropraite for an experienced jQuery developer. So I would agree with one reviewer from Amazon who said this book is just for beginners. And I will add: this whole library is just for beginners.