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Programming for PaaS

Title Programming for PaaS
Authors Lucas Carlson
Publisher O'Reilly Media
Date 2013-08-10
Pages 144
ISBN 1449334903

To begin with, the author will make you feel passionate after telling you the story of his first web site being destroyed by hard disk failure. Everybody who ever saw a blue screen of death with a bunch of unsaved files in the background will understand. And then it will become immediately clear what the author wants to achieve in this book.

Each chapter is written nicely, with some code examples and relevant links. In particular, I liked the last chapter titled Resources, in which the author presents his collection of PaaS-related links. By glancing over them, I immediately found a few of interest for my own projects. For example, I have been working on a Django project for a long time, and there was a link to a tool that can add a RESTful APIs for such projects, with no effort required from my side.

I definitely recommend to read this book, even if you are familiar with most of the topics. You will find some interesting stuff inside.