Winter Half-Marathon

This Sunday I participated in a half-marathon in Seinäjoki, a town north of Tampere. It is quite an early spring in Finland which means lots of snow and chill. I was afraid that I would have to run in snow but I have found out that there was no snow in a northen town of Seinäjoki after I arrived. It looks like snow clouds go south-west which means more precipitation at the southern country.

This is a traditional Finnish half-marathon called Tassurali which has been established long time ago.

The course was outside the town. It was mostly dirt as the temperature was near 0 centigrade. The asphalt road made up a part of the course also. It was the first time I was running in winter conditions, that is, I was wearing a sports suit. I was used to eating a lot prior to the jog just to feel strong. However, I typically have a light breakfast on the day of the run. It was a mistake not to have a full breakfast in the winter conditions because I felt so-o-o hungry when I was finishing. Basically, I did not have strength to finish and I walked the last few kilometers. Overall, it was a very enjoyable run and I improved my personal record which is now 2 hours and 3 minutes. However, I feel that there is a lot of opportunities to improve, for example proper feeding, better sports gear, etc. Also, I did not feel tired at all after finishing except for pain in legs which was normal, I think.

Also, this was the first time I got awarded in a sport competition! Never ever have I thought of being able to win anything using my strength which is quite moderate compared to other people. I got wrist watch – exactly what I needed. The make is Festina which is a pretty expensive one. I am so happy and looking forward to participating again.

Date March 16, 2008
Distance Half-marathon
Time (hh:mm) 02:03