The Biggest Marathon

The result is slower than usual - so why is that? First off, during the preceeding two weeks it was raining all the time, thus I did not run. Second, on Saturday I went on a hiking trip to the mountains, and we climbed a 1000 m mountain - enough to make my legs hurt a little. And this “little” was amplified after 20 km on the next day - I felt muscle cramps despite being in the elastic bends that are supposed to prevent those.

So, I walked the second half of the marathon, which made me feel miserable, but… I saw many people with similar problems - they were massaging their legs on the road side. So I should think I was lucky on that day. And it was a brilliant day otherwise - sunny and warm, very different from what it was like during previous two weeks. Also, despite the fact that I was walking, I was always surrounded by people - there were about 100K runners on this day. And this what makes it fun - when everybody is in a cheerful mood so you are!

Date December 16, 2012
Distance Marathon
Time (hh:mm) 04:40