Count the windows of Turku Castle!

Went to Turku, Finland on December 28, 2008

I have visited Turku during this Christmas holiday. It has an amazing castle! Besides the fact that is has nine floors it has got a huge number of windows at different levels. The castle is built of two parts joined in the middle in a shape of B letter. Thus, there are two inner yards. I have used Photosynch technology to generate a 3D model of the castle. Because of its size I decided to break the model into pieces. Here are the models.

The pictures are available as well. I was surprised to find out that there is a huge museum in Turku Castle. The building itself has undergone a number of transformations тАУ the wooden castle was burnt many times. In the museum there are 3D models of each stage of castle development. I guess the artist has spent a lot of time building these models.

Because of the importance of the castle, it was conquered often. Thus the building itself does not have any medieval ornaments that Hamenlinna castle has, for example. But the number of rooms, the furniture, and the items of daily use from the old times are there. Also, wax people are present here and there.