Visiting Taipei 101

Went to Taipei, Taiwan on October 11, 2010

After arriving to Taipei I decided to go to Taipei 101, the famous skyscraper.

It was visible from the train station so I thought it was not far. But I was wrong тАУ it takes almost an hour to get there by foot. Indeed, a 400-meter building can easily appear closer than it actually is. On my way there I saw an iPhone 4 advertisement and because I am a user of iPhone I thought I should take a picture of this gigantic ad. Here it is:

While I was walking it became dark. So I was able to take a few pictures of Taipei 101 with lights on. A greenish building during daytime, Taipei 101 becomes pink during night time. It gets mysterious look because of that. It shines so bright that the sky near its top looks as bright as during the day.

This building was the highest in the world for a while but soon an even taller building was consturcted in Arab Emirates. But the elevator of Taipei 101 is still the highest in the world. So it quickly delivered us to the height of 388 meters where three floors are open to public. The topmost contains an open viewing area.

On one of the floor a gem museum is located. There is a similar museum in Tampere, Finland called Kivimuseo which I have attended when I lived in Finland. In Taipei museum it is actually possible to buy many things but the price is pretty high, there are things that cost nearly 1 million NT dollars (or Russian roubles as the exchange rate is the same). In Tampere Kivimuseo people did a smart thing тАУ they cut a big stone into pieces and were selling these pieces for a couple of Euros. Thus, one could build a gem collection by buying those small samples. Anyway, in Taipei 101 they have a few really beautiful things, take a look.