Bike tours in Hsinchu

Went to Hsinchu, Taiwan on January 29, 2011

I enjoy biking in Taiwan. The nature is very scenic тАУ lots of small hills and country side, still with opportunities to get a refreshment in a local shop here and there. It is a perfect environment for a one-day tour. The outside temperature is around 15 centigrade here in January which makes a bike trip convenient. In other time of the year the temperature requires that you carry lots of water supply with you.

So I decided to make several bike trips in January. First, I went to the neighbouring hills, a district called Beipou. Climbing on top of the hills is a challenge. Often, I had to get off the bike and walk. Going downward is quite risky, I always had to push breaks. In other words, riding the hills takes a lot of skill, otherwise you have to do it slowly in order not to have an accident.

Finally, I arrived to Baoshan, a small town. I had a coffee break there. Then I went in the direction of Hsinchu. Soon I arrived to the downtown and from there went to Zhubei, another town with small hills. It turned out that there is a park located at those hills, so I got off my bike and had a long walk. The following images were taken from those hills.

On the next weekend I went to Hsinchu scenic coastline area, a 17km bike path made along the sea shore. It is very scenic indeed. There are a number of things to enjoy. To start with, there are a number of buildings that local people say were built in Russian style. Well, in Russia we don╩╝t have such buildings, so I have been laughing for a while after I found out that these buildings are called Russian.

Anyway, there are many other attractions along the way. For example, there are a few bridges, each of which is built in its own unique style. Well, there are several similar bridges next to each other, so below I will show only distinct types.

Also, there a many sculptures along the way, including owls, fishes, lobsters, etc. Riding in this area is a lot of fun! Also, this path is quite easy because there are virtually no hills. And in January there are not that many people, I guess most of them were preparing for the coming Chinese New Year. So you can enjoy the ride and the views without interruption. It is certainly worth seeing!