A trip to Diveevo

Went to Diveevo, Russia on July 9, 2011

Tourism is very popular in Russia. Apparently, Russian people like to explore the world, including people of all levels of income. These days, almost everybody with a decent level of income has visited Greece or Turkey or Egypt, to enjoy Mediterrenean sun and sea. It is funny that I have not been to any of these countries. Bus tours within Russia are also quite popular. Recently, a lot of monuments of Russian history have been renovated, so there are places worth visiting throughout Russia. They are mostly related to Russian religious life. In the past centuries there were plenty of monks who have established lots of monasteries here and there. I donтАЩt know whether there are many truly religious people among Russian population, probably there are not that many, but visiting old monasteries is still lots of fun. They are truly gorgeous.

We have booked a tour at a travel agency and got on a bus at 6AM on Saturday. First we went to Arzamas, a town at the south of our region which a few centuries ago played a major role in our state, but nowadays it is a small town. There are many historical buildings in this town, including a number of major cathedrals. They are due to a prominent history of this town. It is nice to see that the cathedrals are being constantly renovated. There are lots of money being put into them. I wonder who is doing this and why тАУ currently in Russia people are investing only in profitable business, and church is seemingly not any kind of business. Who knows.

After a three hour ride we arrived to Diveevo, a place where Serafim of Sarov has lived. I have been to this place 10 years ago. During these years the place got renovated and improved. It is a very popular destination of religious people as well as some very rich people. I guess it received lots of funding because many top Church officials visit this place quite often. We have spent a few hours here, rushing from one church to another. There are many places worth visiting here. They have some folk art shops here as well.