Hiking at Syakaro Historic Trail

Went to Neiwan, Taiwan on August 19, 2011

Last Saturday we went with a few colleagues from Cloud computing center to a mountain trail. It is a pretty long and interesting route which you have to hike there and back, that is, it is not circular. So the total length is 20km, which is perfect for a 1-day trip.

We left at 7:30 AM from the guest house. There were 10 or so people, so we went on 2 cars. While trying to get to the trail we got lost, so we made a brief stop at 7-11 while trying to figure out where to go. The first half of the ride in a car goes on a highway тАУ nice and smooth. But then hill climbing starts. There are so many turns! The road goes up and down, so you probably feel like in a fighter jet (depending on how fast you go) тАУ the body moves in all possible directions. But it is a lot of fun as well. We have seen lots of people riding bicycles, they are really really tough people. The road goes uphill pretty steeply, so I wonder how they can sustain a couple of hours hill climb. I did not realize that Taiwanese people are so good at biking.

After 2 hours we arrived at starting point of the trail. It is located at the height of 1km. The trail is mostly flat, but still we had to climb a lot. ThatтАЩs because the trail is officially closed due to land slides, but brave tourists made lots of detours to avoid those land slides. So it is like you walk for a couple of kms, then you have to climb the hill for another kilometer, only to arrive back on the trail after that. It is a lot of fun.

After 5km there is an area for having rest which also provides further directions. The majority of our people felt that we gotta make it all the way down to the suspension bridge, a landmark located 10 km away from the starting point. So we proceeded to the bridge, having to climb a lot down the road. The trail is maintained in a pretty good condition тАУ there are wooden staircases here and there, which make your life a whole lot easier. And finally we arrived to the suspension bridge which spans a deep valley. Magnificent view opens up from there.

Then we turned back. We left Syakaro Trail at around 5PM because we needed to return the car at 8PM. We even had time to get dinner in Zhudong. We ate dumplings in some nice restaurant. Then we had to wash the car. Washing a car in Taiwan costs only 80 NTD (around 3USD), which includes a complete manual and automatic wash. Very nice and cheap.

We arrived back to Hsinchu at few minutes past 8PM. We decided to continue parting, so we went straight ahead to watch a movie. It was a nice day and then we had some good time watching a movie. This is the way CCMA colleagues spend their weekends. Another guy named Dilip also wrote a report in his blog.