Russian historical places: Pushkinskiye Gory

Went to Pushkinskiye Gory, Russia on July 29, 2012

During the second day of the tour we went to Puskin resort, a large natural reservation which included the farms called Michailovskoye and Trigorskoe. They are located 120km from Pskov. First we arrived to Trigorskoe, a farm that belonged to friends of Pushkin, which Pushkin visited numerous times. Unfortunately, taking pictures inside the buildings was not allowed. The farm house includes a number of rooms, each of which has a specific purpose тАУ a dining room, living room, etc. Of course, there are hand-written manuscripts of Pushkin in almost every room, so that people who like Pushkin can really appreciate this kind of artifacts.

Then we went to Michailovskoye, a farm that belonged to Pushkin predecessors. It has rather modest houses, as those people were not very rich. Still, Pushkin is remembered not for his richness, but for his verses. Our tour guide could cite lots of PushkinтАЩs poems by heart, and this made it possible for us to feel the true spirit of Pushkin. Indeed, he wrote many famous poems in these farm houses.

It is really amazing that great, long-lasting things can be done in such a modest environment. In Russian langauge there is a proverb тАЬA single warrior cannot win in an open fieldтАЭ. Pushkin proved the opposite тАУ most of his greatest poems were composed while he was walking through alleys of the nearby forest. Then we had lunch and proceeded to Svyatogorsky monastery where the poetтАЩs tomb is located. It is located right next to the main cathedral, meaning that Pushkin died as a true Christian, even though the cause of his death is an attempt to kill some other person. Sometimes, a single minute of sincere remorse can transform a great sinner to a rather benign Christian.

Pushkin died with a huge debt left, which Tzar Nicholas I took care of. His entire life and death is a mystery. But it makes it clear that by writing verses you can make a huge impact to culture, you can truly transform the world around you. It is not just money that keeps this world runningтАж.

Then we came back to Pskov. It was a lucky coincidence that cityтАЩs birthday was celebrated during that time. There were lots of markets throughout the city where one could buy nice souveniers. One thing that people there are good at is making souveniers тАУ there were so many of them! After making my way through market I went on to explore the city a bit more and walked for about an hour. Then I came back to hotel and fell asleep.